Bannatyne’s Spa Day …

Hi guys,

So my friend and I headed to Bannatyne’s Health Club in Durham recently for a Spa Day. My friend is a teacher so half term for her means a mix of marking and chilling out. I always have a day off during the week – usually a Tuesday so we decided to make the most of it. 

We found a special offer on Buy A Gift for a full day at the health club for two people for £60! It was a bargain so we thought we would treat ourselves. The package included access to the health club all day which is the pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi spa, gym, any classes + 2 x 20 minute treatments in the spa. 

This was for anywhere in the country but we chose the Durham club as it is closer to us. This one is located near the Dragonsville industrial estate and was very easy to get to from the A1 or A19.

When we got there (around 10am to make the most of the day), we had to fill in some forms about out allergies etc – standard stuff. We went into the cafe bar to fill these in. You can fill these in before hand by downloading them to save a bit of time OR grab a coffee while you do the admin. 

We picked up a spa bag from reception which was a £5 charge. It came with these slippers, a robe, a towel and the bag was a big reusable bag (which will be ideal for future visits). The robe and towel have to be returned at the end of the day but you get to keep the slippers and bag. It was just so luxurious to be in a dressing gown and slippers all day and be pampered.

The receptionist showed us around the whole spa and then left us at the locker room to get changed.

We took sports clothes and swimwear with us and after checking the class list, we decided to do the aqua aerobics which started at 11am. The pool was quite a good size and had loungers around the side. There was a jacuzzi spa to the side along with a sauna and steam room.

We took part in aqua aerobics which was a 45 minute class and I absolutely loved it! So much so that I am going to start doing a class near me.

We then chilled in the pool and the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi spa is so relaxing. I have a hot tub at home and I know how amazingly chilled it makes you feel.

At lunchtime, we went to the cafe bar. At this point we were quite thirsty – we wished we had picked up a drink before the pool – you can take a drink into the pool area as long as it is in a plastic cup.

I got a chicken burger with salad and Charlotte got a panini and chips. It was such a good price and really delicious meal.

After lunch, we decided to go into the relaxation room. This was so beautiful. It had low level lighting and heated mosaic tiled seating which was incredible. The music was piped through speakers dotted around the room and was panpipes and easy listening. 

Charlotte had a little nap in here! We booked our treatments for 3.30 and didn’t want to hit rush hour traffic on the way home. However, I think it would have been nice to have a 20 minute break lay down after the treatments.

I booked the shoulders, neck and back massage and the facial for my treatments and they were amazing. You were led into the room and my therapist left while I stripped to my knickers and climbed into the sheets. I laid on my front and covered myself with the sheets. She came back in and I popped my head in the hole of the table.

The therapist was extremely quiet, spoke in a very soft voice and she crept around as she was massaging me. Music was playing the whole time too – soft music the same as the relaxation room. I asked for a medium firmness to the massage which was perfect for me. I have super tense shoulders so she concentrated a lot of effort onto that. I turned over on to my back for the facial and she wrapped me up in the sheets. I was cocooned inside the blankets and she put a cloth on my hair to protect it and right then, I probably could have gone to sleep.

My facial was with a different range of products that the therapist worked into my skin. It was specifically targeted for my skin as I filled a form in beforehand to highlight that I have oily skin with some dry patches, which is combination skin.

My therapist agreed completely with my skin and also gave me a little list of products that I would maybe find useful. 

All in all, we had a fabulous day. I have been to spas before and although this was more of a health club, it was still ultra relaxing and I had a very early night afterwards! Very chilled out!

Have you got a spa day you can recommend?

Rachael xox


3 thoughts on “Bannatyne’s Spa Day …

  1. hi, we’ve been to Slaley Hall on several occasions. We went yesterday it can be hit and miss. We usually buy a Groupon or ITISON voucher. £99-£110 is about what you pay for 2 people all in. afternoon tea included and 2x 25minute treatments with access to the spa from 10am. its a lovely place but I think we’ve been there too much now. Defo worth a spa day out 🙂 xx


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