The 111Skin Facial Treatment Mask

Hi guys,

I received this 111Skin facial treatment mask in a subscription box and was really looking forward to trying it out. It is the Gold Brightening facial treatment mask which is by Dr Y Alexandrides at Harley St, London. 

It is a facial treatment sheet mask which is imbued with gold. 

It was pretty easy to apply to my face as it is a sheet mask. You literally just put it on to your face and it sticks on there. It doesn’t smell of anything and the packaging is quite easy to open. 

The sheet mask is very moist (hate that word!) but the liquid is more of a gel like consistency than a moisturiser type mask liquid.

So, while the mask was on, my face felt quite good as there was a lot of the gel on my face. However, upon removal of the mask when I worked in the remaining liquid, it dried out my face very quickly. 

I followed with a toner and moisturiser but I didn’t get the same benefits from it as I have had from other masks. It didn’t give a specific face type on the mask packaging but it definitely wouldn’t be suitable for anybody with really dry skin as it would definitely suffer. 

I definitely wouldn’t purchase this again as I didn’t like the effect it had on my skin. I am quite glad it was in a beauty box and I didn’t spend a lot of money on it!!

Have you had a product let you down??

Rachael xox


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