Wags & Whisker’s Canine Cafe, Stockton …

Hi guys, 

So you all know we have two little dogs, Luna and Dexter, who love to come with us when we go out and about. Today, we decided to visit the Wags and Whiskers Cafe in Stockton-on-Tees.

The cafe is owned by Carl who also has a pet boutique store just over the road and another in Saltburn too. We started visiting the store when we got Luna over two years ago. When we got Dexter, we took him along with us to get him a collar and harness. Carl instantly fell in love with Dexter so he went along to the lovely lady who we got him off and got Dexter’s sister, Mae. We often go to the store for dog food as they stock Canagan which is an organic and healthy dog food!

Carl has two dogs himself, Maggie and Mae who are just so cute. So, when he knew we were visiting, he brought them along too. Luna and Dexter are now curled up in their beds after an exciting day!!

Wags & Whiskers on Finkle Street, provides somewhere nice and warm to visit for a coffee and cake for the doggies as well as the owners. Today, the dogs got the Canagan Shepherd’s pie and a home baked woofin to fill their tummies and they ate every last bit.

The concept of Wags & Whiskers is genius and we will definitely be visiting more often. I got the pulled pork and cheese panini and Chris got the scrambled egg on toast. Both of which were delicious and very reasonably priced!

The decor is lovely; dog print chairs, turf detail and paw print doggy mats are simply lovely. The atmosphere, on occasion a little loud from the varied dogs and their barking, had a sociable feel to it. When walking the dogs, you always chat to other dog owners, but Wags & Whiskers allows you to do it over a cup of tea. There are also regular “breed” meetings, meaning you can get together with people to discuss your dogs and their peculiarities. 

 The fact that Carl makes a fuss over every dog that enters and provides everyone with a bowl of water for their dogs is enough for me. However, the service is above and beyond and every member of staff, whether its in the cafe or the shop, are all animal lovers! 

Have you got anywhere you like to take your dogs??

Rachael xox

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