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Hi guys, 

I love watching movies – although I love reading much more, a movie still has the ability to transport you somewhere else…

So I decided to share with you the movies that I watched when I was growing up and I absolutely adore that aren’t Disney. I love Disney A LOT and it did surprise me a lot that some of these movies are not Disney but here they are anyway!!


One of my most favourite movies, ever! I think you do get a greater appreciation for this film when you are older but it was such a stand out film for me. It is basically about a man who dies and then reincarnates as a dog and goes back to his family to spend time with them and solve the mystery of how he died. It has humour, it has a great deal of sadness with a lovely ending. Makes you really wonder about what there is after this life!

A little princess

A little princess was a book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and was then adapted into a magical movie. A young girl arrives at an orphanage after living a privileged life as they believe her father has passed. The story follows Sara as she navigates her new life in the home with some awful girls and how she charms her mysterious next door neighbour.

The Secret of Nimh

Wow, I so got this movie wrong! Mrs Frisby is a fieldmouse who lives in a field that the farmer is about to plough so she needs to move her family. However, her son Timothy has pneumonia so cannot be moved. She is a widow and has always been told to go to the rats should she need any help. So she finds a colony of rats to help her. However, we find out that the rats, along with the late Jonathan Frisby, were part of NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and were experimented on and made extremely intelligent. This movie is quite dark for a children’s movie and I do only actually realise that now!!

The Princess Bride

An absolute classic – if you haven’t seen this, where have you been?! This is such a weird film and so over the top but you have to love it. It is the story of a old man reading a story to his grandson who is asleep in bed. He reads the story of Buttercup who is to be married to the Prince of the land, although she still mourns her first love who she believes to have passed away previously. Such a feel good movie and quite slapstick. I remember watching this when I was much younger but finding it even more funny now.


I always thought this was Disney until I bought the DVD about a year ago just to watch it. I have always had a slight fascination with Russia and the oligarchs and Czars of old and I think a large part of that is watching this movie as a child. It follows the daughter of Czar Nikolai who was attacked by a magical guy who wants to be in charge of Russia. He basically attacks everyone and she gets out alive. She then lives in an orphanage and is let loose on the streets of a poor Moscow at the age of 18. She then gets swept up into being “the missing daughter of Russia” and a young guy helps her to get into the “character”, him not realising that she is the actual princess. He tries to get her to St Petersburg to reunite with her beloved grandmother who is offering a cash reward. Obviously there has to be a baddie thrown in but on the whole, such a good film and the music is incredible.


Another absolute classic and I don’t honestly believe if anyone has not seen this as it is unreal! Labyrinth is the story of a young girl, Sarah, who is quite dramatic and out in the fields reciting poetry about the gnome king. She then rushes home to babysit her new baby brother, Toby, who she resents. Her father and stepmother are waiting for her to come home so they can go out and they leave, leaving Sarah with Toby, who is crying his eyes out. She wishes on the gnome king to take him away and he does. We then follow Sarah as she travels to the gnome city to find Toby before her time runs out. An incredible watch – especially as David Bowie plays the gnome king and sings a lot of the songs. It is the type of film you watch once and it becomes addictive. One of my most favourite movies ever.

Bridge to Terabithia

I have only watched this movie a handful of times but is definitely worth a watch Again, it has a lovely magical feel to it with a hint of sadness. We follow a little boy who befriends the new girl at school and together they create a magical world of trolls and giants, along the side of the lake. Although it is quite a sad movie in the end, it has a lovely meaning to it.

With all this reminiscing, I am off to have a movie binge!

Rachael xox




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