Minimalism: Decluttering the Clutter Hotspots!

Hi guys,

So as part of my minimalism series, if you have been following along and taking part – then you should have now made some headway in the house and be on our path to be clutter free and trying out minimalism in your home!

Here is the list of the worst cluttered areas – if we can clear these “hotspots” for clutter, we are well on our way to a clutter free zone!

  • wardrobe – terrible for clothes that don’t fit, have holes, stained, brand new with tags on but never worn, shoes that need heeling, jewellery missing a chain, a pendant or a pair, handbags that have seen better days and an underwear drawer with old holey knickers or socks in need of darning – GET RID
  • Stationary – one of my worst possible areas. Get rid of dried out erasers, pens, felt tips, highlighters, half used notebooks. Give away or donate things you have too many duplicates of.
  • Xmas decs – how much of our loft space is taken over by xmas decs that actually we don’t use anymore or we have left in the loft each year when we get them out to put up at Christmas time.
  • Living room drawers – batteries, excessive pens, scraps of paper, remotes, chargers, spare keys, post both junk or otherwise.
  • Beauty – dried up mascaras, dried up foundations, broken up powder compacts, empty bottles, nail varnishes that have lost their pigmentation, broken up eyeshadows, pencils that have no room to be sharpened, moisturisers that have run out of date – GET RID
  • Perfumes – do you use them all? do you like them all? If no, re gift or donate!
  • Hallway & landing area – absolutely the worst hotspot for clutter as well as any table surfaces. Make sure shoes, coats and bags are put away and not left out to clutter up the hallway. Ensure landings are free of laundry, rubbish bags or charity bags to donate
  • Bathroom – Beauty products really build up in the bathroom area, clear out the body lotions, body butters, foot creams, hand creams as well as anything you don’t like the smell of, that you won’t ever use!
  • Home office – Stationary builds up but so do documents that you will never use! You need to shred anything with personal data on but get rid of manuals, old warranties and receipts that these things that you have never checked and you need to get rid of. Old house bills, bank statements and mortgage statements that you no longer need – shred and bin!
  • Magazines/newspapers – we all have the ability to let these stack up. Read them and recycle or give to a friend. Get rid of the clippings too – make sure you don’t have any of these adding up. If you see something to look up later, take a photo with your phone and refer to later.
  • Jewellery – Clear it ougt! Get rid of anything without a pair, back, stone missing, pendant missing, clasp broke, tied up in a knot and can’t get it loose – throw it out or try and sell!

Happy decluttering, Rachael xox




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