TV Programmes I binge watch over and over ..

And I am not sorry for it.

Today’s post is all about the TV programmes I can watch over and over and still not get enough of them – there are more than just this list here but these are the ones I am MOST addicted to!


Vampire Diaries

Love Vampire Diaries. I read all of the books years ago, although the programmes go in quite a different direction. I think after eight seasons of it, it is quite nice to be able to go back through the tv programmes. Especially now that it is completely finished, it is good to be able to watch it all the way through to the end.


The Originals is a spin off to The Vampire Diaries, featuring the “original” family, The Mikaelsons. It follows them over to New Orleans which is giving me twitchy travel feet and it is a fab programme but another one that so much happens in that you just can’t help but watch it again and again, it is seriously addictive!

Gilmore Girls

I remember watching Gilmore Girls all the way through at uni as it was such an easy watch when doing assignments and working on my dissertation and I easily got addicted. I can just pop it on and watch ANY episode. I watched the series over again when the Year in the Life series came out on Netflix. It basically follows the story of a woman and her daughter and their bond. Lorelai was 16 when she had Rory and it is amazing the life she has built and the relationship they have together. A year in the life finished on a massive cliffhanger and I think just about everyone in the world wants it to come back and fill in the blanks.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is one of those programmes that I would definitely love to see more from. I watched the series repetitively years ago and loved it. It is the story of Veronica, whose dad is a PI and she works with him or goes a bit rogue and works on her own to solve minor issues on a school campus an major crimes in the local area. The series stopped very abruptly years ago but then they brought a movie out which was great. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more from it though. Kristen Bell is absolutely amazing it in!


Charmed is one of the first supernatural based TV shows that I ever watched. Supernatural and Sci Fi are my favourite genres and I can clearly remember watching this with my family. Especially when the new episodes were coming out with the final seasons – we would all sit and watch them together and it so was so good. Charmed followed three sisters in their early twenties who found they had magical powers and follows them til their thirties when they get married, have a family and come to terms with having their powers. This is one of my favourite programmes of all time and my hubby and I still sit and watch occasionally. I have watched this several times through. They are doing a remake of Charmed and I really can’t wait for that!

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is something that was so amazing when it started that I really don’t know how they pulled so many seasons off and made each one better than the last. Emma Swan gets a knock at her door and it is a small boy, claiming to be her son. He says he is trapped in a town where everyone doesn’t know that they are real life fairytale characters. She ends up taking him back there and helping to break the curse. I am definitely going to rewatch this again as it is now sadly ended – but there was a happy ever after!

Have you got any of these you literally cannot get enough of?!

Rachael xox


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