Minimalism & your purse …

Hi guys,

So as part of our minimalism series, it is now time to tackle your purse!! We keep so much in our purses that this can quite often get in the way of money management and often, things can get a little out of hand!

So … what should we have in our purses?


I am talking ..

  • Debit Card
  • ID (driving licence etc)
  • Credit card (just one!)
  • Loyalty cards you ACTUALLY USE
  • Vouchers for something that you are actually going to buy

So your debit card is a must, saving accounts cards are not necessary unless you’re actually going to the bank that day! Online banking now means if you want to transfer money then you can do so remotely.

ID is a must! Most people have a driving licence but it is a necessity for your purse (or to keep in a mobile phone cover).

A credit card is okay, they come in handy for emergencies and holiday but try to limit it to one in the purse at all times so you aren’t tempted to go crazy and spend too much. Store cards should be limited too, it’s okay to have these cards but you minimising the amount in your purse means you are minimising the damage and habits of spending too much with them.

Loyalty cards seem to accumulate out of nowhere! I sign upto loyalty cards but then I never ever use them! I have cards for Boux Avenue, Holland and Barrett and The Works and I go in these places only once or twice a year. The Body Shop I do use but only for specific shopping. So these cards I store in a small tub at home and only take them out when I need to for a big shopping trip. Also, if I don’t have them and make an impulse purchase (less likely with a simple purse), then I can just get a points receipt and add it later! My main loyalty cards are Costa (obv), Nectar for fuel as well as Boots, Matalan, Tesco, Morrisons, Sparks (M&S) and Superdrug. I also have the coffee cards for McDonalds and a sandwich loyalty card for Cooplands.

Receipts are a major issue for me! I do have to keep them for work purposes so I use my phone wallet for these, pop them in my car and then just remove them at the end of each day and store them in wallets in my home office. For personal receipts I have a file for important ones – I use a plastic studded wallet for xmas and birthday gifts and then another for items under warranty. Other receipts I just bin if I no longer need them – for grocery shopping etc.

Coins are a bug bear for me. I usually pay via company credit card for parking but usually need a bit of change so do keep a change purse in my bag or car and use this but any copper I take out and pop in a money box and then just transfer it into bigger amounts when my money box is full – it does add up actually!

Foreign notes are something I seem to collect. When you like to holiday you do end up with a collection and they are nice to keep but not in your everyday purse. A cluttered purse is a nightmare. Therefore, use them in a scrapbook or a photo album if you want to keep them as a souvenir OR if you will be using them again if you are a frequent traveller, I use my home safe or my travel file.

Coupons and vouchers are a great way to save money on your every day items and fashion purchases. However, you can’t have loads of these cluttering up your purse, especially if it is unlikely you are going to be using them. E.g. if I was going to be buying some new season fashion from Matalan and had a 20% off voucher, then I would be using it to buy that exact thing. However, if I had a coupon for ยฃ3 off a bottle of flash from Tesco and all I shopped at was Aldi – is it likely that I am going to be using this?! Think twice before keeping hold of them.

That is it! – any extras can be added when you are going on a big shopping trip or off out to buy something specific. Get rid of those loyalty cards you only used once and won’t use again, old bus or train tickets, old receipts!

Why do this? A simple easy declutter will make it much easier for money management. Clutter makes it more difficult to be able to see through and can mess up your head too. Minimalising your purse and in turn your finances are easier to manage, you feel lighter and using your purse is much easier.

Rachael xox


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