The 90p nail polish you might want to try …

Hi guys,

Primark or PS beauty have been killing it recently and I have a lot of the items that I swear by – their beauty wipes, their adhesive nails and the lip liners are great affordable products.

However, I have also discovered these 90p nail polishes that I think are a good addition to your beauty stash!

Now, nail polish is not something I have a lot of, in my previous job I couldn’t have acryclic nails or painted nails due to working with food but now I have free rein when it comes to painting them so I wanted a few colours to build up my stash with.


So, what do I think of these nail polishes?

Okay, so you do need two coats. The first coat goes on a little watery (as per middle pic) but the second coat makes all the difference. The colour range is great and some of them are super shiny. One of my faves is the deep red – perfect for A/W.

My only small issue with it is that it does start to chip after a couple of days, which I can completely get on board with for a 90p polish!

Have you tried these?

Rachael xox


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