Birthday at TGI’s ..

Hi guys,

A few months ago we had a dinner out for my friend Charlotte’s birthday at TGI’s. We love TGI Fridays because although it is a LITTLE pricier than what we would usually pay, the food is absolutely amazing and both the cocktails and mocktails are lovely. We always visit the one at Teesside Park as it’s the closest to us.

We do go to Frankie & Benny’s sometimes, but I much prefer TGI for dinnertime eating. I also think their décor is fab and the atmosphere is always great as it is usually nice and busy.


So, if you go to TGI’s and it is someone’s birthday in your party then you get a lovely balloon hat, they sing happy birthday to you and even bring you your own slice of cake.

I love the chicken fingers or the chicken sandwiches as the chicken is always so moist (hate that word) and tasty. The buns (baps, rolls whatever you call them) are quite good too as usually that is what I struggle with in chain restaurants. But the piece de resistance happens to be the skin on fries. Oh my goodness! They are so good. Even the dips are good.

Often TGI’s have a deal on where you get a two course or three course on a special dinnertime deal during the week which is often what we would go and get but most of the time we can’t get to dessert as we are so full. I think it is around the £15.00 mark for the three course(?). Often the cocktails are a little bit pricier around £4-£6 but I think the quality of them more than makes up for it.

Even as I write this, I am craving their potato skins!

So, if you have a birthday to celebrate, I would suggest going to TGIs for the fuss, the food and the fun.

Have you been?

Rachael xox


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