Great Greek Restaurant, Middlesbrough

Hi guys,

So my review of this restaurant doesn’t come out well. I had been looking forward to eating out at the “Great” restaurant which serves greek food and is situated on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. We decided to visit for my birthday meal and honestly, I was so disappointed in it.

The restaurant itself pays homage to it’s owner Dimi with Middlesbrough football shirts hanging on the wall and is quite a modern look restaurant with little Greek references throughout.


The waiter was on his own with kitchen staff and someone behind the bar but there were very few people in the restaurant. It took forever for us to be able to place the order and I ordered a Mojito. The Mojito didn’t have enough ice or alcohol in and instead was filled to the brim with soda water which I almost couldn’t drink.

For my dinner I ordered chicken gyros which was awful. The chicken was more like pork as it was so chewy and salty. The side dishes were okay but we had literally waited so long for our food we would have eaten anything. We were in there about half an hour before the couple beside us (who ordered before we came in) even got their starters. That probably should have taken about two hours max (main and dessert) took us about three and a half hours.

I think the food really needs assessing, as does their staff training as clearly there is no proper manager in place or a manager with little restaurant experience. I would be willing to go back to try again but it would have to be with other people who wanted to go rather than off my own back. There are too many good food places in Teesside to make this place an attractive place to eat for me.

Have you tried the food here?

Rachael xox


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