2019 goals …

Hi guys,

Don’t you love a new year? I love the idea of opening a new book, starting at the first chapter and that whole blank page. What are we going to fill the page with?! How exciting!

I don’t really make resolutions anymore. I feel like these don’t stick and we don’t remember them. Instead, for the past couple of years, I have used the goal method and I am making sure I follow through with them all. A lot of them are quite simple but shall make a big difference to me if I stick to them this year!

  • Intentional spending is where my money all has a purpose. Whether it be for bills, essentials or savings, all of the money goes on a “need” not a “want”. I have been so good at only spending money on things I actually NEED to rather than want but I am stepping it up this year. Every penny will have a purpose. I am breaking it down so I have bills, savings, travel (all holidays etc which we are only having two weekend trips and one big holiday this year rather than the massive amount we had last year), groceries, birthdays, xmas and miscellaneous. Miscellaneous will cover when I eat out or have a takeaway, day trips and coffees out etc. I am budgeting for all of these things month by month depending on birthdays. The Xmas budget is what I budget for the xmas food and events split over the months. I am so keen to carry on like this through the year as the money I will save will be MASSIVE!
  • Live a minimalist life – I have been doing this for the most part. I have made sure I have decluttered and really focused on buying only what is essential or what is necessary for the household. However, I still slipped up and brought extra things into the house without getting rid of something that was already here. I think I understand a lot more now WHY I want things and why I buy things when I don’t need to and this has really helped me to change and I feel ready for that this year. One area I will really struggle with is stationary and ironically, it is one area of my home that I haven’t been able to declutter until just this year. I have managed to clear out some pencils to my sister but slowly working through it now. I think it is like I said before that opening a notebook is great for a new and fresh start. But I am on that now and will continue to live as minimalist as I can and keep going.
  • Extra income will be achieved through hopefully a few different avenues this year, whether selling my clutter online or via selling sites. I hope to sell a couple of ebooks when I have finally written them (see below) and have a few different bits and pieces of writing planned too. I am hoping that this extra income will cover my spending money for the my multicentre trip in June.
  • Focus on relationships – I think this is something I did so well in 2018. I really focused my time and attention on those people who I want in my life and want me in theirs. We have a tricky time really when it comes to our relationships but I spent a lot of time in 2018 really evaluation who was important to me and also not making people a key part of my life if they are negative or bring me no value. Cutting ties with some meant that I had no negative energy left for them and that helped me to have a more positive overall impact on the lives of others. This is something I massively plan on continuing this year and there are some key people I have identified that I need to really try harder with. Life sometimes really gets in the way and time is so important. It’s about using it in a better way.
  • Study Hard – Something I haven’t done much last year was read a lot of nonfiction. I have some already downloaded books on my kindle that I have avoided most of the year and picked up fiction instead. However, this is the year I challenge myself to increase my knowledge. Knowledge is power. It is a fact that those who are wealthy and successful spend a lot of time increasing their knowledge and always researching and studying. This year that will be me.
  • Work smarter – I am a hard worker. Always have been a hard worker and I love my job too. However, this year I am going to work so much smarter. I have a lot of resources within this job and I am used to working on my own in the last job. So this year I have made it my mission to save time and work smarter to achieve what I want for each of my stores. I have spent a bit of time writing out my goals for each store and have come up with a plan of action for each one also. Feeling motivated!
  • Stop overthinking – classic move girls right? I am good at my job, I am a good wife, I am a good friend and I like to think of myself as a valuable member of my family. So WHY do I always let my mind overthink and have to question myself so much. I always allow my thoughts to drift away and worry about what people think of me and make up scenarios in my head. Not good for your mental health. Instead, I will be focusing on chanelling those thoughts into working smarter, studying and being the best version of myself. So what if people don’t like the way I am? That is me.
  • Double my blog followers from 250-500 – quite a simple goal. This applies to my wordpress followers only as I do have more around different platforms but I want my numbers doubled this year on here. I achieved 250 with regular blogging throughout the last part of the year so this year I am going to make sure I do this in the whole year by getting ahead with blog posts and writing up a lot of the posts I didn’t get round to in 2018. A lot of these were travel posts that are all ready to go – I just didn’t get round to writing them!
  • Write a non fiction ebook & publish – I have a couple of topics I wish to write about and so this year I will be going for it with these. I am aiming to finish two non fiction books that I feel passionately about so will write these up and hopefully create some extra income and also be a published writer.
  • Write a fiction ebook & publish – this was a goal for last year that I never quite got round to finishing. Mainly it was because last year was so hectic but also as I didn’t set myself enough time and I just didn’t get round to it. I have two books that I am currently working on. One is part of a trilogy and another is a shorter story that will be published hopefully by the midyear and I am really pleased about that!

Have you set yourself any goals this year?

Rachael xox


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