20 steps to self care …

Hi guys,

After the crazy of Christmas and miserable January, I thought I would share with you my favourite twenty ways of spending some “me time”. Taking time for your self care is so important. Not all of these things will be applicable to you – but this is how I pull myself back around.

  1. A nice hot bubble bath with a bath bomb or bubble bar
  2. Reading a book curled on the sofa with a hot chocolate
  3. Boxsets in bed with a cuppa
  4. Spa day – Bannatyne’s do good deals
  5. Spending time with friends
  6. Spending time with family
  7. A long walk on the beach
  8. Day trip to Whitby
  9. Pamper night – face mask, paint nails etc
  10. DVD and a glass of something fizzy and a bucket of popcorn
  11. Eating out at an Italian (my favourite)
  12. Going out for a coffee – alone – and writing on my blog or reading a mag
  13. Decluttering – love the feeling afterwards
  14. Shaving my legs, moisturising and tan
  15. Visiting the hairdressers
  16. Taking the dogs off to the dog cafรฉ
  17. Road trip to anywhere
  18. Writing – I feel like sometimes if I write it can transport me to another world
  19. Colouring book – so therapeutic it is unbelievable!
  20. PJ day – whether it’s tidying round, pampering etc, everything feels better in PJs

What do you do to make yourself feel better?


Rachael xox



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