Budget Ebay Beauty Tools …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you a post on Ebay budget beauty tools! My no spend year is essentials or replacements only so when I do have to replace I have been looking for budget alternatives. Here are my top picks from Ebay…




Beauty sponge drying rack* – £1.99

Makeupbrush drying rack* – £4.13

Wedge Beauty Blender Sponge* – £1.99

Puff Beauty Blender Sponge* – 99p

Egg Beauty Blender Sponge* – £1.45

Body Brush* – £3.29

Magic Eraser Microfibre cloth* – £1.99

Muslin Cloths 10pk* – £2.54

Beauty Headband 3pk* – £4.59

Hair Turban* – £1.99

Makeup Brush Silicone Cleaning Pad* – £1.99

Face Mask Brush 2pk* – £2.55

Self Tan Mitt* – £1.85

Have you got any budget finds on Ebay?

Rachael xox

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