My 5 go to chick lit authors …

Hi guys,

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I wanted to share with you my five favourite chick lit authors in case you need some inspiration for a new read!

Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk is definitely one of my favourite authors. Her books were one of the first modern chick lit authors that I read. Her series, “I heart …” follows the life of Angela who is cheated on and goes to New York. The series follows Angela in going to different places and as she finds herself too. The series include I heart New York, I heart Paris and I heart forever. Angela (the character) would never set herself as a role model but it is quite an inspirational book. In fact, writing about it makes me want to read them all over again. Her other series’ “About A Girl” and “One in a Million” are fab too.

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen writes for a younger audience, if you have children in the teens then definitely get them to give these a look. I also think they taught me a lot too. It isn’t often a book warms me right through but these definitely do. I can 100% recommend them to read She writes about genuine family issues such as single parents, being sent to live with another member of family, a death in the family, anorexia etc. This is one of the authors I shout out about quite often to other people. Perfect for a bit of mindfulness too. Titles include Lock and Key, Just Listen, Saint Anything, Once and for All and The Truth about Forever.

Cecelia Ahern

There isn’t many chick lit authors that write with a small hint of fantasy here and there but Cecelia Ahern is definitely one of them. I haven’t read a book of hers that I didn’t like. Most are love stories, and all of them tend to teach you a life lesson or make you think about things in a different way. Her YA novels had a major impact on me and makes me look at social media in a different way even though that isn’t what they were about. My favourite books of hers are Ps I Love you (also a film), Love Rosie (another film),The Lyrebird and A place called here (which is unbelievable).

Tasmina Perry & Louise Bagshawe

Tasmina writes similar to Louise Bagshawe. Their writing style is very similar. I think Bagshawe often pulls out a better character but often Perry has the better location or storyline. Either way, these books are my go to holiday reads and are amazing. I have some sat on my kindle ready for our planned holiday this year. There is nothing like being laid around the pool, sun beating down reading up on the feisty characters and the glitz and glam of their worlds. Often their books span decades which I think makes the storylines more real and gives you more insight into the characters and how they change over time.

My favourite books from Tasmina Perry are Daddy’s Girls and The House on Sunset Lake. My favourite books from Louise Bagshawe are A kept woman and Glamour. Amazing writers!

As a bonus, I would add Louise Pentland to your list. She writes beautifully but is quite new to the writing game!

Have you any favourite chick lit authors?

Rachael xox


P.S. The links above are AFFILIATE! This means that if you click on them I get a couple of pennies for recommending them to you.


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