Face Masks I have been using lately …

Hi guys,

So this post is about some of the face masks I have been using lately. I love a face mask and usually use one once or twice a week. I find using them relaxing and I use them according to how my skin is acting at the time as  have combination skin which can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to control! I do love a face mask, have a read here, here and here.

  1. Soap & Glory Miracle Moisture Sheet Mask £4* – similar here

The miracle moisture mask is a sheet mask which is not really the tissue type but has a more plastic feel to it. You literally open it up, lay it over your face and let the serum soak into your skin. I always reach for this one when my skin is extra dry so it is great for exposure to central heating and even air con. It is also handy to pop one in your hand luggage for use on the plane if you are going long haul as the air is so drying. I have also reached for this after tanning on holiday to help counteract any sun damage, even though I really protect my skin as much as possible.


2. Soap and Glory Declog – £4*

I have really hormonal skin which isn’t great, especially at certain times of the month and my oil is really difficult to control so anything with the word declog in, is worth a go for me. These didn’t disappoint. I was very surprised by the colour – usually anything that is declog or detox is charcoal based and black or dark and this is pink! However, it id the job and I did notice that there was a remarkable difference in blemishes for upto three days after each use. You get two in a pack which is fab!

3. Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask – £7.99*

Love Loreal products all around and have never really had a poor experience with them. This product was also a good surprise for me. I noticed my skin gave me about five days of better complexion before I had to use this again but it kept ongoing – maybe even improved overall. I like this because of the size of the tub also. I would buy this more than the soap and glory I think because of the price. This is really good value for money. It is easy to put on as well. It looks very thick but the consistency is a bit lighter.

4. The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng Polishing Mask – £17.00

Not sure about this product. The Chinese polishing mask was a strange consistency and has an odd bland smell to it also. For the price I was expecting something amazing but it didn’t really work out that way for me. I am not sure whether it didn’t work for me because of my complexion and that is why I didn’t get a “glow” from it. I didn’t see any improvement to my complexion although it did feel a little better. I wonder if you had better skin all around, whether this would work well for you?! Have you had any luck with this product?

Have you got a favourite face mask?

Rachael xox

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