How to make a little extra money …

Hi guys,

So this year I am all about the “intentional spending” and there is no way I am going to be spending any crazy money on anything unless it is necessary. Apart from a weekend away in Jan and a weekend in Feb (already paid for except spends) and our big holiday in June (also already paid for), I don’t want to be spending anything unless it is essentials, it is food or bills. I have set myself a target of £1000 for spending money for my holiday in June which may be a little excessive but I will transfer money back into pounds if I don’t spend it! All hotels and flights are paid for so just meals, trip money and spending money. We are going to try and book some tickets before we go.

So I set myself a goal to “raise” the extra £1000 rather than use any of my income. This year we are doing a lot of work to the house and are borrowing on our mortgage to do so. We are putting away money each month for savings, adding to what we already have saved but are cutting down too. Therefore, using the following methods – I am going to try and create a little extra income for myself.

Suga Mama TV on YouTube always says to break down a financial goal. She has a £1000 dollar project that is so motivating to watch and gave me the idea for it. The idea is to get this money in chunks of £100. This makes it easier to aim for. So 10 x chunks of £100.

  • Selling things online – so I have been decluttering for over a year now and if you haven’t watched Tidying up with Maria Kondo – where have you been? Watching this has enabled me to take the next step on decluttering and have reduced my belongings by quite a lot. While I have given some to friends and family and some have gone off to charity, I set myself a goal to sell some of it to try and raise this £1000. Last year, after fees and postage costs, I made around £700 on Ebay so I am hoping to recreate that this year. Shpock and the Facebook selling sites are also a good method of making more money.
  • Carboot sales – usually there are things that are too bulky to sell online (you can give these ago online but have to have interested people close by) and also items that you may make a couple of pound for that aren’t worth it for Ebay fees etc so these items I also take to the carboot. I also let things run a couple of cycles on Ebay and then pop it in a box for a carboot. Usually on a carboot I can make around £100 at a time, depending on what I have for sale. Usually dvds, perfumes, shoes and kids items sell really well. All you need is someone who is interested in what you have to sell.
  • Surveys – not a huge fan of these but they are great if you can hand the spam. Give Oh My Dosh and 20 cogs a go. You can only do 20 cogs once but I made around £150 from this.
  • Cashback – we all buy things online. You just need to make sure that when you do, you get a benefit from it by going online on top cashback and quidco. These sites can add up quickly, especially if it is insurance or utility based.
  • Side jobs – not something I really have time for but things like babysitting, pet sitting, making cupcakes and delivering can make you a little bit of extra money when you need it and if you have time to do these can add up quite quickly – don’t forget about the tax you need to pay.
  • Etsy – if you are crafty, can create paper charts, bunting, cake toppers, candles or anything like that, you can set up your own little store on there. People make a lot of money on that website and I often look on there for handmade bits and pieces as they make the best presents.
  • Photography – If you have a talent for photography, look at sites like Shutterstock to sell your photos on there. Especially if you have lovely holidays or you walk out in the countryside, you are liable to see a lot of things you wouldn’t normally. It might be 5p per time or £1 per time so not lucrative but it might go a little bit of a way towards a pocket of £100.
  • Air BnB – Think about renting a spare room for holiday lets if you live in a lucrative area – such a good idea for creating a little extra income.

SO that is my basic ideas on how to help yourself make a little extra money!

Have you got any ideas to help me out??

Rachael xox


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