All About Rachael

Hi guys,

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So I am Rachael. I am 27 years old and live in Hartlepool, North East of England. I live in a small seaside village on the outskirts of town with my hubby and two little chihuahua crosses (all will feature on this blog).

I love to travel and trying new things, locally and to far off destinations. I love beauty, fashion and homeware goods. I am also currently going through my weight loss journey with Slimming World. Therefore, you will find all of these things featured here on my blog. Please follow me to keep upto date with my new content.

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I blog as a hobby although occassionally, there will be sponsored posts or affiliate links included. These will all be things I love or have enjoyed and I would never endorse a brand that I don’t use or have tried myself and liked – all opinions will be my own. I will use affiliate links occasionally. This won’t cost you anymore than buying online yourself (in fact, I shop around for the best deal for you), it just means I get a few pennies for the recommendation to you!

Please get in touch and say hello & share your blog with me as I am always looking for new content!

Rachael xox