Lush bath bombs …

Hi guys,

Lush are a long term favourite of mine and I wanted to share with you these two products. I got The Golden Egg and The Comforter to add to my stash. I absolutely love The Comforter and it is a repeat purchase for me but The Golden Egg was a new try.



The Comforter is a bubble bar which means it lasts FOREVER rather than the one off bath bomb use. You can crumble it under your tap and while Lush recommends you do half at a time, I tend to get more uses out of it than that. The distinctive blackcurrant fragrance is amazing and literally fills the whole bathroom. Bergamot is one of my fave scents so I love it in any of the bubble bars and bath bombs I buy and they are gorgeous. This will always be a repeat purchase for me.

The Golden Egg was a little bit of a disappointment for me. It created bubbles and had a bit of a scent to it BUT wasn’t anywhere near the usual bubbles and strength I would normally get from Lush. The other issue with this product is the glitter. While a bath filled with glitter sounds amazing and feels great, you literally cannot get rid of it. The glitter is ridiculous and it coats the bath, your person and in turn your bed!

So have you tried either of these?

Rachael xox















Minimalism Series: Beauty Stash

Hi guys,

In today’s post I am talking all about clearing out the beauty products and how to not buy more. Easier said than done right? Yes! I am obsessed with beauty products. Love them. I don’t appreciate the sheer quantity that cluttered my home. As part of all of the work I am doing on decluttering and minimalism, I thought I would share with you my progress.


It doesn’t look a lot pictured here but I have around eight further drawers filled as well as endless amounts in the ensuite bathroom and further products in the family bath too. One has a shower and how has a bath and I tend to use the bath more often.

I believe you need to declutter and establish what you are working with before you can go any further. The first step was to gather everything together. I emptied all drawers, pots, cupboards etc and brought the whole lot into my dressing room onto the floor separated into categories – into bath/makeup/hair/skin etc.

I then further split each of those categories up one by one. I would start with makeup and do eyeshadows/foundations etc. If you don’t have a massive collection, it may be easier to split into eyes/face …

When I look at each item I will decided to BIN, GIFT or SELL.

I then look through each one and get rid of anything out of date (BIN) or anything that I opened and tried but didn’t like (BIN or GIFT to a friend – have to be careful with certain beauty products). Mascaras that have dried up, bubble bath that left your skin too dry, I then look at brand new products that I have had for a while but haven’t ever used (GIFT or SELL) and then finally look at what I am left with. I think about how much I actually use. For instance, I use a tube of foundation for about six to eight weeks. So if I have 6 tubes, that is enough for a whole year. Do I need more than a year’s supply at a time? Don’t get rid of items just to get rid and don’t throw away to just have to replace again within a couple of months – that’s not the point!

It’s hard to be ruthless and I think the little girl who wanted to dress up in us always wants more of this type of product but the older girl in you now wants a streamlined life and a clutter free life. Always single out your favourite items first so you know what it feels like to have those products in your stash, you should then use that feeling to get rid of the other products! Be sensible with your stash – keep what you love and keep what is essential.

BIN – obviously try and recycle where you can but putting things in the bin is a must!

GIFT – does a family member want any of your items? Can you give a friend something to add to their collection? The goal isn’t to weigh them down with belongings but to gift them a product they might have purchased anyway.

SELL – Ebay/Shpock/carboot sale are all good ways to try and recoup some of the money you have spent on these items. Try to be realistic in your pricing but also do your research to see what these items are selling for.

Going forward?

Well just like any area of the home, going forward the idea is not to spend the money you have created on extra stuff into the home or fill the space you have emptied so take heed with your purchases. It’s so easy when you go into Superdrug or Boots to spend £80-£90. I have done it myself several times! However, what I have learned is that in the end, these things often end up BIN or GIFT or SELL, not KEEP. I am basically wasting money.

I now buy essentials only or replace when it comes to buying beauty products. I currently have three mascaras. When I am onto my last one, I will start to research a new one or replace one of them I loved. Same with the rest of the products. When it comes to essentials I am looking at wipes (although I may switch to a face eraser cloth instead – still testing and much cheaper), toothpaste, cotton pads, cotton buds and deodorant. These are the key items I will probably have to buy in the coming months. Shampoo/shower gel/conditioner are also must haves for me but these items I have in excess due to Christmas so I won’t need to buy these for quite a long time.

Has this helped you? Do you have any tips for me?

Rachael xox

My top 10 travel wishlist …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you an up to date where I would like to travel to list .. this is something I have thought about a lot. I have visited quite a lot of the places of my list now so these are five that are still left!

  1. Africa – always been number one on my list and had planned to go to Africa for my 30th birthday but I think we may not be doing that one now – have a lot of work planned for the house this year. Gives me more time to plan to make the trip perfect.
  2. Venice & Pisa – I adored Rome and finally got to visit the year before last and I love Italy. I love Italian food, the people, the culture. I definitely want to go to both Venice and Pisa – I think for the history and culture more than anything else.
  3. New Orleans – I want to eat beignets and drink chicory at café du monde, I want to visit the ornate cemeteries and the historical buildings and churches, the French quarter and take a ride down the river on an old steam paddler. The supernatural element is definitely a bonus feature for me.
  4. Prince Edward Island – If you have seen or read Anne of Green Gables then you know how absolutely unbelievable Prince Edward Island is. A plan of ours is o go to Canada and do a little bit of travelling around that area and maybe include a bit of New York State too.
  5. Alaska – whale watching and eagle spotting will be on the menu here. Having now been to Iceland, I feel like I could possibly cope with the icy cold weather.
  6. Berlin – My grandad was situated in Berlin at the time of the wall and has a lot of stories to tell. Again, fascinated with history I would like to see some of the spots to do with the WW1 and WW2.
  7. Machu Picchu – I have toyed with the idea of doing the trek for charity for a couple of years now so not ruling that out for the future. Doesn’t look like it will be the next few years as so much going on but definitely in the plans for the future.
  8. Ireland – We have been to Dublin several times and loved it but hopefully 2020 will include an Ireland road trip. Thinking about hiring a car and having a full tour of Ireland, seeing some history and looking at the more rural parts of Ireland.
  9. Disneyworld, Florida – actual goals trip. We have been to Disneyland in Paris and in Hong Kong but Florida is a future trip goal for us. I think it will be a family trip more than anything else so something definitely for the future.
  10. Maldives – I am obsessed with the idea of going to the Maldives. It looks absolutely unbelievable and I think it may be a wedding anniversary trip for the future. I like the idea of not having to go anywhere other than the resort and the relaxation of the trip.

How about you – where do you want to go?

Rachael xox

How to make a little extra money …

Hi guys,

So this year I am all about the “intentional spending” and there is no way I am going to be spending any crazy money on anything unless it is necessary. Apart from a weekend away in Jan and a weekend in Feb (already paid for except spends) and our big holiday in June (also already paid for), I don’t want to be spending anything unless it is essentials, it is food or bills. I have set myself a target of £1000 for spending money for my holiday in June which may be a little excessive but I will transfer money back into pounds if I don’t spend it! All hotels and flights are paid for so just meals, trip money and spending money. We are going to try and book some tickets before we go.

So I set myself a goal to “raise” the extra £1000 rather than use any of my income. This year we are doing a lot of work to the house and are borrowing on our mortgage to do so. We are putting away money each month for savings, adding to what we already have saved but are cutting down too. Therefore, using the following methods – I am going to try and create a little extra income for myself.

Suga Mama TV on YouTube always says to break down a financial goal. She has a £1000 dollar project that is so motivating to watch and gave me the idea for it. The idea is to get this money in chunks of £100. This makes it easier to aim for. So 10 x chunks of £100.

  • Selling things online – so I have been decluttering for over a year now and if you haven’t watched Tidying up with Maria Kondo – where have you been? Watching this has enabled me to take the next step on decluttering and have reduced my belongings by quite a lot. While I have given some to friends and family and some have gone off to charity, I set myself a goal to sell some of it to try and raise this £1000. Last year, after fees and postage costs, I made around £700 on Ebay so I am hoping to recreate that this year. Shpock and the Facebook selling sites are also a good method of making more money.
  • Carboot sales – usually there are things that are too bulky to sell online (you can give these ago online but have to have interested people close by) and also items that you may make a couple of pound for that aren’t worth it for Ebay fees etc so these items I also take to the carboot. I also let things run a couple of cycles on Ebay and then pop it in a box for a carboot. Usually on a carboot I can make around £100 at a time, depending on what I have for sale. Usually dvds, perfumes, shoes and kids items sell really well. All you need is someone who is interested in what you have to sell.
  • Surveys – not a huge fan of these but they are great if you can hand the spam. Give Oh My Dosh and 20 cogs a go. You can only do 20 cogs once but I made around £150 from this.
  • Cashback – we all buy things online. You just need to make sure that when you do, you get a benefit from it by going online on top cashback and quidco. These sites can add up quickly, especially if it is insurance or utility based.
  • Side jobs – not something I really have time for but things like babysitting, pet sitting, making cupcakes and delivering can make you a little bit of extra money when you need it and if you have time to do these can add up quite quickly – don’t forget about the tax you need to pay.
  • Etsy – if you are crafty, can create paper charts, bunting, cake toppers, candles or anything like that, you can set up your own little store on there. People make a lot of money on that website and I often look on there for handmade bits and pieces as they make the best presents.
  • Photography – If you have a talent for photography, look at sites like Shutterstock to sell your photos on there. Especially if you have lovely holidays or you walk out in the countryside, you are liable to see a lot of things you wouldn’t normally. It might be 5p per time or £1 per time so not lucrative but it might go a little bit of a way towards a pocket of £100.
  • Air BnB – Think about renting a spare room for holiday lets if you live in a lucrative area – such a good idea for creating a little extra income.

SO that is my basic ideas on how to help yourself make a little extra money!

Have you got any ideas to help me out??

Rachael xox

Face Masks I have been using lately …

Hi guys,

So this post is about some of the face masks I have been using lately. I love a face mask and usually use one once or twice a week. I find using them relaxing and I use them according to how my skin is acting at the time as  have combination skin which can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to control! I do love a face mask, have a read here, here and here.

  1. Soap & Glory Miracle Moisture Sheet Mask £4* – similar here

The miracle moisture mask is a sheet mask which is not really the tissue type but has a more plastic feel to it. You literally open it up, lay it over your face and let the serum soak into your skin. I always reach for this one when my skin is extra dry so it is great for exposure to central heating and even air con. It is also handy to pop one in your hand luggage for use on the plane if you are going long haul as the air is so drying. I have also reached for this after tanning on holiday to help counteract any sun damage, even though I really protect my skin as much as possible.


2. Soap and Glory Declog – £4*

I have really hormonal skin which isn’t great, especially at certain times of the month and my oil is really difficult to control so anything with the word declog in, is worth a go for me. These didn’t disappoint. I was very surprised by the colour – usually anything that is declog or detox is charcoal based and black or dark and this is pink! However, it id the job and I did notice that there was a remarkable difference in blemishes for upto three days after each use. You get two in a pack which is fab!

3. Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask – £7.99*

Love Loreal products all around and have never really had a poor experience with them. This product was also a good surprise for me. I noticed my skin gave me about five days of better complexion before I had to use this again but it kept ongoing – maybe even improved overall. I like this because of the size of the tub also. I would buy this more than the soap and glory I think because of the price. This is really good value for money. It is easy to put on as well. It looks very thick but the consistency is a bit lighter.

4. The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng Polishing Mask – £17.00

Not sure about this product. The Chinese polishing mask was a strange consistency and has an odd bland smell to it also. For the price I was expecting something amazing but it didn’t really work out that way for me. I am not sure whether it didn’t work for me because of my complexion and that is why I didn’t get a “glow” from it. I didn’t see any improvement to my complexion although it did feel a little better. I wonder if you had better skin all around, whether this would work well for you?! Have you had any luck with this product?

Have you got a favourite face mask?

Rachael xox

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My 5 go to chick lit authors …

Hi guys,

See the source image

I wanted to share with you my five favourite chick lit authors in case you need some inspiration for a new read!

Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk is definitely one of my favourite authors. Her books were one of the first modern chick lit authors that I read. Her series, “I heart …” follows the life of Angela who is cheated on and goes to New York. The series follows Angela in going to different places and as she finds herself too. The series include I heart New York, I heart Paris and I heart forever. Angela (the character) would never set herself as a role model but it is quite an inspirational book. In fact, writing about it makes me want to read them all over again. Her other series’ “About A Girl” and “One in a Million” are fab too.

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen writes for a younger audience, if you have children in the teens then definitely get them to give these a look. I also think they taught me a lot too. It isn’t often a book warms me right through but these definitely do. I can 100% recommend them to read She writes about genuine family issues such as single parents, being sent to live with another member of family, a death in the family, anorexia etc. This is one of the authors I shout out about quite often to other people. Perfect for a bit of mindfulness too. Titles include Lock and Key, Just Listen, Saint Anything, Once and for All and The Truth about Forever.

Cecelia Ahern

There isn’t many chick lit authors that write with a small hint of fantasy here and there but Cecelia Ahern is definitely one of them. I haven’t read a book of hers that I didn’t like. Most are love stories, and all of them tend to teach you a life lesson or make you think about things in a different way. Her YA novels had a major impact on me and makes me look at social media in a different way even though that isn’t what they were about. My favourite books of hers are Ps I Love you (also a film), Love Rosie (another film),The Lyrebird and A place called here (which is unbelievable).

Tasmina Perry & Louise Bagshawe

Tasmina writes similar to Louise Bagshawe. Their writing style is very similar. I think Bagshawe often pulls out a better character but often Perry has the better location or storyline. Either way, these books are my go to holiday reads and are amazing. I have some sat on my kindle ready for our planned holiday this year. There is nothing like being laid around the pool, sun beating down reading up on the feisty characters and the glitz and glam of their worlds. Often their books span decades which I think makes the storylines more real and gives you more insight into the characters and how they change over time.

My favourite books from Tasmina Perry are Daddy’s Girls and The House on Sunset Lake. My favourite books from Louise Bagshawe are A kept woman and Glamour. Amazing writers!

As a bonus, I would add Louise Pentland to your list. She writes beautifully but is quite new to the writing game!

Have you any favourite chick lit authors?

Rachael xox


P.S. The links above are AFFILIATE! This means that if you click on them I get a couple of pennies for recommending them to you.

Budget Ebay Beauty Tools …

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you a post on Ebay budget beauty tools! My no spend year is essentials or replacements only so when I do have to replace I have been looking for budget alternatives. Here are my top picks from Ebay…




Beauty sponge drying rack* – £1.99

Makeupbrush drying rack* – £4.13

Wedge Beauty Blender Sponge* – £1.99

Puff Beauty Blender Sponge* – 99p

Egg Beauty Blender Sponge* – £1.45

Body Brush* – £3.29

Magic Eraser Microfibre cloth* – £1.99

Muslin Cloths 10pk* – £2.54

Beauty Headband 3pk* – £4.59

Hair Turban* – £1.99

Makeup Brush Silicone Cleaning Pad* – £1.99

Face Mask Brush 2pk* – £2.55

Self Tan Mitt* – £1.85

Have you got any budget finds on Ebay?

Rachael xox

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20 steps to self care …

Hi guys,

After the crazy of Christmas and miserable January, I thought I would share with you my favourite twenty ways of spending some “me time”. Taking time for your self care is so important. Not all of these things will be applicable to you – but this is how I pull myself back around.

  1. A nice hot bubble bath with a bath bomb or bubble bar
  2. Reading a book curled on the sofa with a hot chocolate
  3. Boxsets in bed with a cuppa
  4. Spa day – Bannatyne’s do good deals
  5. Spending time with friends
  6. Spending time with family
  7. A long walk on the beach
  8. Day trip to Whitby
  9. Pamper night – face mask, paint nails etc
  10. DVD and a glass of something fizzy and a bucket of popcorn
  11. Eating out at an Italian (my favourite)
  12. Going out for a coffee – alone – and writing on my blog or reading a mag
  13. Decluttering – love the feeling afterwards
  14. Shaving my legs, moisturising and tan
  15. Visiting the hairdressers
  16. Taking the dogs off to the dog café
  17. Road trip to anywhere
  18. Writing – I feel like sometimes if I write it can transport me to another world
  19. Colouring book – so therapeutic it is unbelievable!
  20. PJ day – whether it’s tidying round, pampering etc, everything feels better in PJs

What do you do to make yourself feel better?


Rachael xox


2019 goals …

Hi guys,

Don’t you love a new year? I love the idea of opening a new book, starting at the first chapter and that whole blank page. What are we going to fill the page with?! How exciting!

I don’t really make resolutions anymore. I feel like these don’t stick and we don’t remember them. Instead, for the past couple of years, I have used the goal method and I am making sure I follow through with them all. A lot of them are quite simple but shall make a big difference to me if I stick to them this year!

  • Intentional spending is where my money all has a purpose. Whether it be for bills, essentials or savings, all of the money goes on a “need” not a “want”. I have been so good at only spending money on things I actually NEED to rather than want but I am stepping it up this year. Every penny will have a purpose. I am breaking it down so I have bills, savings, travel (all holidays etc which we are only having two weekend trips and one big holiday this year rather than the massive amount we had last year), groceries, birthdays, xmas and miscellaneous. Miscellaneous will cover when I eat out or have a takeaway, day trips and coffees out etc. I am budgeting for all of these things month by month depending on birthdays. The Xmas budget is what I budget for the xmas food and events split over the months. I am so keen to carry on like this through the year as the money I will save will be MASSIVE!
  • Live a minimalist life – I have been doing this for the most part. I have made sure I have decluttered and really focused on buying only what is essential or what is necessary for the household. However, I still slipped up and brought extra things into the house without getting rid of something that was already here. I think I understand a lot more now WHY I want things and why I buy things when I don’t need to and this has really helped me to change and I feel ready for that this year. One area I will really struggle with is stationary and ironically, it is one area of my home that I haven’t been able to declutter until just this year. I have managed to clear out some pencils to my sister but slowly working through it now. I think it is like I said before that opening a notebook is great for a new and fresh start. But I am on that now and will continue to live as minimalist as I can and keep going.
  • Extra income will be achieved through hopefully a few different avenues this year, whether selling my clutter online or via selling sites. I hope to sell a couple of ebooks when I have finally written them (see below) and have a few different bits and pieces of writing planned too. I am hoping that this extra income will cover my spending money for the my multicentre trip in June.
  • Focus on relationships – I think this is something I did so well in 2018. I really focused my time and attention on those people who I want in my life and want me in theirs. We have a tricky time really when it comes to our relationships but I spent a lot of time in 2018 really evaluation who was important to me and also not making people a key part of my life if they are negative or bring me no value. Cutting ties with some meant that I had no negative energy left for them and that helped me to have a more positive overall impact on the lives of others. This is something I massively plan on continuing this year and there are some key people I have identified that I need to really try harder with. Life sometimes really gets in the way and time is so important. It’s about using it in a better way.
  • Study Hard – Something I haven’t done much last year was read a lot of nonfiction. I have some already downloaded books on my kindle that I have avoided most of the year and picked up fiction instead. However, this is the year I challenge myself to increase my knowledge. Knowledge is power. It is a fact that those who are wealthy and successful spend a lot of time increasing their knowledge and always researching and studying. This year that will be me.
  • Work smarter – I am a hard worker. Always have been a hard worker and I love my job too. However, this year I am going to work so much smarter. I have a lot of resources within this job and I am used to working on my own in the last job. So this year I have made it my mission to save time and work smarter to achieve what I want for each of my stores. I have spent a bit of time writing out my goals for each store and have come up with a plan of action for each one also. Feeling motivated!
  • Stop overthinking – classic move girls right? I am good at my job, I am a good wife, I am a good friend and I like to think of myself as a valuable member of my family. So WHY do I always let my mind overthink and have to question myself so much. I always allow my thoughts to drift away and worry about what people think of me and make up scenarios in my head. Not good for your mental health. Instead, I will be focusing on chanelling those thoughts into working smarter, studying and being the best version of myself. So what if people don’t like the way I am? That is me.
  • Double my blog followers from 250-500 – quite a simple goal. This applies to my wordpress followers only as I do have more around different platforms but I want my numbers doubled this year on here. I achieved 250 with regular blogging throughout the last part of the year so this year I am going to make sure I do this in the whole year by getting ahead with blog posts and writing up a lot of the posts I didn’t get round to in 2018. A lot of these were travel posts that are all ready to go – I just didn’t get round to writing them!
  • Write a non fiction ebook & publish – I have a couple of topics I wish to write about and so this year I will be going for it with these. I am aiming to finish two non fiction books that I feel passionately about so will write these up and hopefully create some extra income and also be a published writer.
  • Write a fiction ebook & publish – this was a goal for last year that I never quite got round to finishing. Mainly it was because last year was so hectic but also as I didn’t set myself enough time and I just didn’t get round to it. I have two books that I am currently working on. One is part of a trilogy and another is a shorter story that will be published hopefully by the midyear and I am really pleased about that!

Have you set yourself any goals this year?

Rachael xox

Food prep & meal planning …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my thoughts how food prepping and meal planning and the benefits of doing both. As you know, 2018 was a big year for me. I made a lot of positive changes practicing minimalism and trying to spend less money. While it wasn’t easy, I definitely found many benefits from being super organised.



  • Healthy eating – as you can see from my photograph, I often eat with the Slimming World plan in mind. I don’t attend a group. Instead the £5 a week, I save into a tin and weigh myself every Saturday morning. By meal planning healthy meals, prepping in advance means I am unlikely to then pick up the phone for a takeaway or eat a pizza and chips out of the freezer. When I have prepped and defrosted, I then eat that food otherwise it becomes a waste.
  • Less waste – Prepping food means batch cooking and then freezing portions to be eaten later. By practicing this method, I basically plan ahead around what is in my fridge and freezer and cupboards and stir up a batch of something. Sometimes a “throw everything in stew” or “fridge soup” is planned!
  • Time saving – when you both work full time at home and full time hours means long days out, early starts and later getting home the last thing you want to do is to start a meal from scratch and have to spend a long time prepping and cooking a meal. By prepping in advance and knowing what you are going to eat, you can defrost or prep in the slow cooker and then cooking time is minimal when you arrive home on the night.
  • Money saving – by prepping in advance not only are you having less waste meaning less other products having to buy, you are also getting more out of each batch you cook up for freezing for later. You are also saving money on the use of the oven or hob. It is common knowledge that a slow cooker uses very minimal energy so pre prepping a batch of something will be a lot cheaper than prepping that meal 4-6 times over a month. You can also buy in bulk and bigger packs which costs you less in the long run.
  • Organised – there is nothing like the feeling of being organised. Especially when working full time or having a family, knowing that you have your food taken care of, your shopping list is easy to follow and you are in and out of the supermarket is a great thing. Moreover, everyone in the house knows what the meal will be that evening – either via a calendar or a menu board at home – so whoever is home first can easily start the meal off ready for everyone.

How to meal plan

Getting started is easy. You need to make a list of everything in your cupboards, pantry and fridge/freezer. The fresh products are where you need to start off. Whatever needs to be used up first needs to be the first meals you plan around and start from there. There are plenty of websites you can type a couple of ingredients and then meal ideas come up. Look at where you can prep everything in advance – can you make these things on a Sunday afternoon and refrigerate or freeze? Can you get more than the portions needed for one night? Can you leave any of it for lunches the next morning?

If you are starting from a place of nothing and need a food shop, plan ahead with what you would like to eat each night and then shop according to that list plus your usual cleaning, drinks and snack essentials. Then you can spend an afternoon baking or cooking everything in advance and stocking up your freezer.

Make sure you take off any evenings that you are going out, have friends round etc.

I buy the plastic reusable tubs (used to by the foil but non recyclable and non reusable) and use these for meal prep and for packed lunches and can be used over and over again. You can easily see what’s inside. If mega batching in advance, you may want to write a date on, in which case you can use a sticky label or permanent marker on the bottom.

My favourite meals I prep in advance

  • bolognese sauce
  • pasta bake (any flavourings)
  • lasagne
  • campfire stew (SW recipe)
  • chicken curry
  • turkey curry
  • sweet and sour chicken
  • chicken casserole
  • beef casserole
  • chilli
  • leek and potato soup
  • butternut squash and sweet potato soup
  • vegetable soup
  • chicken soup
  • pancakes
  • Yorkshire puddings (prefer home cooked so pre cook and then freeze and need warming up)
  • Slimming world chips/roasties (cut potatoes to size and then boil with a little salt water/dry off and then in packs – cook when needed)
  • Slimming world pasties – cheese and onion/steak and mushroom – made in a wrap – cook then freeze
  • Slimming world calzones – tomato and then any flavouring inside – made in a wrap – cook then freeze
  • Pizzas – premake your favourites with dough or sw friendly with a wrap then freeze
  • boiled eggs – in fridge for salads (I also pre chop lettuce cucumber and tomato and keep in plastic tubs)

Have you got any favourite meals to prep in advance?

Rachael xox